Beveled Mirrors

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We specialize in the production of the best quality mirrors, which are phased mirrors. This method of edge finishing makes the edges thinner than the rest of the pane. The processing technique used makes the mirror look very elegant, and the light falling on its surface is reflected from the entire surface. This creates a prism effect that refracts rays at different angles. Beveled mirrors adhere perfectly to the wall, which is why they are often used in the arrangement of apartments and houses. They can be hung in any room: in the living room, bathroom, hall or office.

Bevelled mirrors without sharp edges

A perfectly smooth glass pane with a finish refined down to the smallest detail always looks impressive. Therefore, we use technologically advanced solutions in the production of our phased mirrors. They allow us to obtain the best quality products that are perfect for interior design. Unlike grinding, during which the glass pane is cut at a right angle, chamfering makes the edges of the mirror profiled. This method of processing has many advantages.

Mirrors with a bevel retain their decorative character, even if they are large, thanks to the edges that bend at an angle. For this reason, they can be used as a decorative element even though they are not framed. These types of mirrors can be attached to the wall or enclosed with tiles or other mounting elements. Then they will create a uniform surface with a very interesting appearance.

Universal mirrors for use in many arrangements

Mirrors are one of the most frequently chosen decorative elements. Apart from the fact that you can see yourself in their reflection, they also make the room brighter and appear larger. Other elements of the equipment can also be seen in the mirror reflection, which creates a very interesting spatial effect. That's why it's worth having more mirrors at home than just one, traditionally hung in the hall.

You can order custom-made bevelled mirrors from us, which you can adjust to the size of the rooms you are decorating. Not only can you decide what height and width will be best, but you can also choose from many different shapes. We will make for you any size of beveled mirrors, round, square, rectangular or oval. Such a diverse offer means that you will be able to find the type of mirror that best suits the rooms in your home.

Where can a beveled mirror be used?

Beveled wall mirrors are a very universal element of interior design. Are you wondering whether this type of mirror will work in your home? It fits rooms for various purposes and many different arrangements. A beveled mirror will look great in your bathroom. After gluing it to the tiles on the wall, you will obtain a uniform surface that will adhere perfectly. This will make cleaning easier and will provide a good reflection in which you can see comfortably.

A mirror with a bevel, i.e. without a frame, also fits wherever you want to have a mirror available, but at the same time you don't want so that this element is too visible and comes to the fore. The minimalist form makes it easy to fit into any arrangement and maintain its original style. You can also attach a beveled mirror to a wardrobe door or other piece of furniture to obtain a front that reflects light. This idea for interior finishing makes them look very impressive and elegant. This type of mirror will also work as a tasteful wall decoration. This addition will make the room brighter and you will enjoy spending time in such an environment.

Explore our diverse range of custom-made bevelled mirrors and choose the model that perfectly suits your home. Regardless of the shape and size you choose, you are sure that it will perform perfectly in its role.

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